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Basically, as I know a lot of you know, I make my living creating erotic horror games and art, and I use Daz models in them.  Sadly, I find there is a HUGE gap here missing in the monster department which is sexy monster women.  We have a handful, and, trust me, I own the ones that are here, but I mostly have to kitbash or photoshop and such to make my own while mixing morphs, but ideally, I'd pay a king's ransom over time if we could get RawArt or Josh Crokett or some of the other outstanding monster makers to give us G8F sexy monsters.  You could do a sexy version of everything from D&D, Horror Movie Monsters, and so on.

Some possible ideas:

Mantis Humanoid Female Monster

Cockroach Humanoid Female Monster

Fly Humanoid Female Monster

Plant Humanoid Female Monster (I made a specific post about this here: ;)

Octopus Humanoid Female Monster (Like Dungeons and Dragon's Mind Flayers only G8F)

Crab or Lobster Humanoid Female Monster

Snake (with legs) Humanoid Female Monster (like Snake Men from Masters of the Universe)

I don't know, there are so many possible monster types that don't exist on here, that would be awesome for my line of work and my fans.  They should be monsters, but can have that sexual appeal of any G8F, think anime monster girls- but not obviously so cute/innocent looking.  Anyway, figured I would post this just in case it catches a bored creator's eye that wants to try something different!

EDIT: Updated with a look at the "insect" type women at least in the attachment I made.  At the very least maybe it will trigger a creator's mind to come up with G8F suits that match this, though I'd prefer body morphs and also that the human skin have coloration matching it.

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    I guess this can count as monsters, but I actually want a G8F Orangutan. There's male versions of these but not female and these female apes look nothing like the males. (Female orangutans don't have the disk face.)
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    anaximanes_2000 said:

    Mantis Humanoid Female Monster


     Its all fun & games til she chews your face off.

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    If you don't mind the x rated content, there is some stuff at renderotica

    If you are not committed to a modern character, through the looking glass is at renderosity, though it looks more like an innocent victim

    Arki's wings includes orchid wings.

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    Probably already on your radar, but if not: The wings are quite good, as also the horns & hip spikes.

    Now, it may be a matter of taste.. No. It IS a matter of taste, but I find the results of this: quite terrifying.



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    There is a "fly humanoid female monster" called Fly Girl for Genesis 2, but there's certainly room for a new character along similar lines.

    Sixus1's Cthulhiana is approximately octopoidal or octopus-adjacent, but I suspect that what you're really after is a female version of RawArt's Cthuloid. And your cockroach needs might be met by a female version of Antwan, who is at least vaguely insectoid, even if not strictly roach-like. 

    EDIT: Wait, there's also Octiana, a nice little offering in the octo-chick class.

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  • Thank you to all of you, but I already have all the monster women stuff for G8F.  The thing is that I cannot show off art that I don't own the rights to or it might more readily show you what I mean.  I don't mean just the wings, I mean a hot looking insectoid woman that is a fly, one that is a mantis, and so on.  RawArt's wasp girl- I already have and have used her well, but I am thinking more along the lines of Lunate's artwork let's say (since I cannot post it here), but not as transformed as that.  So, she has let's say mantis arms, or even a second pair of arms that is a mantis, a mantid abdomen with the mantis wings on it, maybe, that sticks off her backside like RawArt;s wasp girl?  If that makes sense.


    For example, the "Fly Girl" for G2F is too ugly unfortunately, and not sexy.  That is the issue I find often is that the monster creators do a GREAT job on males, but generally on female monsters (which is rare here), they lose the sexy appeal by being as hideous as the male monsters.  So, Fly Girl's face is unrecognizable as a female, and not even sexy at all, and obviously she does not have a "fly" body but with all the curvaceous bits of a sexy woman in the right places and so on.  Again, I REALLY appreciate everyone's attempt to link me things and that tends to happen, but believe me when I reiterate that I already own all the monsters and as you can see by looking at my signature at my deviant art (warning adult content), I have found ways to make sexy bug women on my own, but it is a hassle and is not as good as one of the professional creators where that use Zbrush or whatever.  So, I am just asking that sexy female monsters get Daz love, as it will also help my own art and livelihood.

  • Here are some examples of types of "bio suits" that would at least work for the insect women, though, having their "human" parts colored fantastic colorings to match the "suits" or what I see as body morphs, would be great.  Maybe this will at least give you an idea, somewhat, of what I envision.

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
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    Wow, I didn't think that this kind of post would be made here, but I am glad to see someone else has interest in seeing female monsters like I do! :) I have been into female monsters for a long time now since I enjoy seeing women transform into fericious/terrifying female monsters. My personal preferences are large, furry 2-legged she-wolves, large hybrid felines, she-bats, or other monsterous animals (all with white eyes of course!) Sadly, there are none of these available at DAZ3d, but a bunch of monsterous male figures which look great but are not my thing. (kudos to those artists!) All I see here are either she-wolves that look too much like Lon Chaney Jr. ones (not my thing) or cute female animals which I am not into. HH's Werewolf is the best werewolf that I have ever seen as I has everything that I love in a monstrous werewolf. (I grew up watching the 80s Werewolf TV show and that comes so close to it!) I hope that these great artists one day make a large monsterous werewolf/she-cat/she-bat that is terrifying as HH's Werewolf for G8/G8.1, as I am currently piecing together a female version of 'Werewolf TV' comic. That would be really cool to see guys, and I am sure people would also like to see creations such as this!. :D

  • Since this is the more recent thread:  I am also looking for plant people like the sylvari you started your Plant Women thread with.  And more monster ladies in general.

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