RRRR Behind the scenes - Winners Announced

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We have winners in the RRRR Behind the scenes - render content!


Winners in the Best category
Entry Points Picture
Totte: #2 Born To Run
Second Place:
bohemian3 #01 Ivar the Horrible - Streaming Now 

Third Place:
f.boschanski#1Jippy Goes Nuts 

4th Place (Honorable mention):
Daventaki #1 When at home.... 
Split 5th place  (Honorable mention):(adamsrobt #1 CYRAN-0  11

Split 5th place  (Honorable mention):
katywhite:#1 Chaos is Behind the Crime Scenes 



Winners in the Funniest category
Entry Points Picture
luci45:#4 Movie Night on The USS Enterprise - The Singing Cats of Cheirocrates
Second Place:
Gopherus #01 On a planet not so far away,  70 years ago…  
Third Place:
f.boschanski#1 Jippy Goes Nuts
4th place (Honorable mention):
Luci45:#2 A Steven Spielberg Anecdote on the Making of Jaws]  
5th place (Honorable mention):
Luci45#6 Why The Hollywood Writer's Strike Ended 



A big cheer for everyone!


Winner will be contacted!
@Luci45:Pick your poison in my store!

Current Lucky Bastards Standings
Old LBs are halved after each content.
 (If you do not enter your LBs  will not reduce themselves)

Player LB count
f.boschanski 2
Totte 2
Rafael 2
Bohemian3 1
Luci45 1
Gopherus 1



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  • luci45luci45 Posts: 2,567

    Wow, this is the first time i have won for funniest! That's great!

    Congrats to Totte, Bohemian3,Gopherus, and f.boschanski, and others.

    Thanks, Totte for another fun contest.

  • Congrats everyone! 'Twas a fun contest laugh

  • f.boschanskif.boschanski Posts: 142
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    Congratulations to all winners!
    "Thanks a lot" towards the organizer, sponsorship and other participants.
    Its been fun and a pleasure to be part of this contest.

    Thanks to all who deemed my work worthy enough for a point contribution.

    3rd place twice. "Jippy A.J.!" laugh

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  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 1,069

    thanks and congratulations everyone!

    it was fun and challenging

  • TotteTotte Posts: 13,169

    I'm planning the next and I have three theme ideas that I'm juggling:
    - Themeless
    - Refused ( can be refused anything, like refused movies, refused buildings, refused theatre plays, refused sports, refused city plans)
    - That went well (name is a homage to a certain Serenity episode)

    Still pondering, but anyone in favour of any of these in particular?

  • f.boschanskif.boschanski Posts: 142
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    i am not afraid of anything, but...

    ...for me,
    it can only be 3.

    500 x 362 - 33K
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  • TotteTotte Posts: 13,169

    I do have a couple of Jayne hats for Daz Studio ...... old, but Jayne hats all the same .... lol

  • ZetharaZethara Posts: 65

    Congrats to the winners!!

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 6,626

    Congrads to all the winners!!

    What an amazing month that was!!

    Well done everyone!!

  • RafaelRafael Posts: 107

    Congratulations to the winners!

  • GopherusGopherus Posts: 1,069

    LOL!  i also have a jayne hat from beat578

    i agree with f.boschanski for #3

    the next one will run into the new year so there should be many good things to look back on   if only that the old year is over

  • katywhitekatywhite Posts: 396

    Congrats! And thanks for such a fun contest, looking at getting ready for that round 2 that I see posted :D

  • TotteTotte Posts: 13,169

    katywhite said:

    Congrats! And thanks for such a fun contest, looking at getting ready for that round 2 that I see posted :D

    You're welcome! 
    It's been running for almost 12 years, with a bit a of a pause around the covid years.

  • I got an honorable mention? Woo! Nice work everyone, and congrats to the winners.

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