Where find the icon signification ?

Hi all !


I'm asking me what was the signification of all icons in scene panel, is there a place that i could find indications about it ?



  • The single cube is a prop, an object without rigging

    The stack of cubes is a figure - if there are solid lines between cubes it's parametric/Poser-style rig, if the cibes ar separarted by dashed lines it's weightb mapped.

    A cube with an incomplete outline is a null, a node with no geometry.

    Lights and camera icons are lights of varous types (point, spot, or distance according the avatar) or cameras.

  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 21,250

    Then there are those cool little thingies that tell various states of visibility. Pretty cool how much we can tell in a glance. I'm loving DS more and more, the more I use it

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