Showtime! G8F/G8.1F

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A set of models of a ladies' performer outfit, rigged in DAZ Studio for Genesis 8/8.1 Female. Bodysuit/collar/cuffs: 2318 polys. Shoes: 878 polys. Also included is a Geoshell preset for G8F/G8.1F (in this case they are not interchangeable) that applies a pantyhose shader from the waist down. An assortment of Wearable presets load all of these items together or individually as you might need.

NB: the shoes included are a copy of my CFM pumps, just included here for convenience. You can skip or overwrite this if you like and it should be fine either way. See readme for other important info.

Enjoy :)

Download: ShareCG

Download: Google Drive


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    This looks very cool! Thank you!

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    The panty hose geoshell came out better than I expected, it's just a flood fill of a mesh bitmap I use for all sorts of stuff and a very basic config of the glossy parameters (mostly anisotropic).

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    looks good  +

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    Oh heck. Y'all. I figured out how to do this cool


    e: and it's still fully parametric so, thus


    & so

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    Utterly stumped on getting this into texture form, the C4D baker is just very bad

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    Proof of concept

    The C4D baker sucks pretty bad but I hit it with hammers until it gave me something I can work with, it needs some manual cleanup but it's 99% of the way there. I should look into something better at baking mesh to textures, this was way harder than it should have been.

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    lol a lot of my problems with C4D's baker are being caused by it crosstalking to meshes present in the scene file even though they're not set to be used / are hidden / are positioned far away from the stuff I'm working with, so dumb angry

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    baked the fishnets mesh to a pretty clean black and white map with XNormal, a free tool that is like 17 years old lol

    very little manual cleanup required, much better


    I'll do a couple more variants and publish these separately, enjoy :)

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    badda bing

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    I have a missing file error while loading the bodysuit or the Basic Tuxedo material setting:

    Inside the Misc/Fabric directory, there is only one file: LooseMesh.jpg

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    Sorry about that, I've updated the zip file on Google Drive

    I can't update the ShareCG zip because the site seems to be down. You can also just manually place the attached image file in that directory and it should be fine.

    e: I also updated the Renderosity listing


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    Thank you for the update yes, and for the numerous freebies you're sharing ! smiley

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    Updated on ShareCG, thanks again :)

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