Need help with realistic skin or close to it.

Hello, hope you all doing good. 

I have been working on daz for few months now. But there is a problem I am facing is the genesis figures I have bought over the time all faces looks plain and even I zoom into them I see some spots on the face which adds to realism but I dont see any skin texture as i use to see in CC4. Actually I want my character to look as real as CC4 character or less. I had searched a lot on the internet but didnot find any result on this topic. I also seardhed the shop for a texture normal map to put on but I am not sure, Maybe if you guys uses some so please let me know so I can try it or os their any other way in surfaces to edit the texture or something. 


  • SofaCitizenSofaCitizen Posts: 928

    Are you looking at the skin in the preview window? Because regardless of the method that necessarily won't show the full details. What characters are you looking at? What Genesis generation? Are they HD ones? If not then that might explain why you are seeing less detail. Are they anime-styled or have heavy makeup which might smooth the skin? I am not familiar with CC but there are plenty of examples of Daz characters with detailed and realistic looking skin - note sometimes the artists will need some skill to fully take advantage of that and add to the realism.

    If you do want to edit your own skins then there is Skin Builder 8 for Genesis 8 Female(s) (and similar products for other generations).

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