Scene Tab/Pane: Assign color to a figure

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but one thing I would really like is the ability to assign a color to a prop or character (or even a specific part of a character).

Example: In the scene below, I have Aiko LE, a G2F and the Dark Places Back Alley 2k9. There are also a lot of props and pieces. In the scene tab, I would LOVE to be able to make all of the Aiko stuff green, the G2F blue and possibly assign yellow to the important lights I'm using. This would really speed things up when navigating through the very deep heirarchy of the scene, especially if I could assign a dark green to Airko's gun (and the pointlight at its tip). Right now it's a bit of a chorse hunting for things in the scene tab, and something like this would be a BIG help.

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    you could use the Surface Selection Tool and just click on them in the viewport with the Surface tab open, if you hold down the CTRL button you can select multiple surfaces at once. hope that helps

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    I believe the OP wishes to do this in the Scene tab to make sorting easier.  Alternative method would to use Group function or as I do add a short suffex to the scene names of related/linked items that can be used by the Sort option in the scene Tab

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    hmmm,that's actually a pretty cool feature, I didn't know we could do that :)  ,,, I've just been holding down the control button and clicking stuff in the viewport.With the grouping I would only have to do it once, make a group with the selected items, and bang I can change the group items all at once,,, I see this coming in handy for lightbulbs and other such things in large scenes.

  • I've also started using the Grouping feature to help sort things, but it only helps a little bit. The ability to assign a color to figures, props and individual items would be a GREAT time saver.

  •  being able to color code things in the scene view would be a great feature 

  • Here I am today wishing that this was a feature. I have to struggle to find and select my camera every single time I change the POV. 

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