[Mature Content] Dicktator morphs no longer exporting over Daz to Unity bridge.

Previously I was working on a project on the Unity game engine, an adult project, where I use the dicktator asset.

In the project I had managed to export many characters with all of their 'blend shapes' for the Dicktator morph to Unity successfully.

I since took a break from the project and went to get started again, it seems that whenever I try to re-import these old models even with all of the correct blend targets/morphs selected in the export options the Dicktator morphs/blend shapes are not exported to Unity. What am I doing differently that is causing these to new longer be exported? I remember I had trouble way back getting Daz3D to export the 'blend shapes' for the Dicktator morphs in the past but I had solved it. Now I can't seem to be able to figure it out anymore and anytime I re-import a modified model it breaks the previous work because these 'blend shapes' get removed.

If anyone can help me solve this, or link me to a forum post that discusses it (I remember finding one previously that explained how to solve it, I vaguely recall it requiring me to use the 'Export' option instead of the bridge and a certain FBX version but I cannot recall) I would greatly appreciate it and could even throw in some frree useful Unity asset(s) for any other Unity developer who can help me solve this.

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    Dude I'm PM you with a Discord where I can help you, this type of thing won't fly by the mods here.


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    It would certainly be better asked of the vendor, or at Renderotica.

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    I'm surprised it's worked for you in the past. I haven't been able to export morphs for Meipe grafts either through the Daz to C4D bridge or by FBX export.

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