Realistic, adult goat

Hey everyone! I'm in search of a goat model for DAZ Studios. Popcorn the Goat is great, but I'm looking for adult goats.

Does anyone know of adult goat models? I figure if I need to, I can try taking the wool off the sheep and hoping it'll pass as a goat at a distance. But I'd obviously perfer an actual goat model!


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    There's a goat morph for Daz Horse 2 here, but it does depend on you owning a number of other morphs to work properly.

  • Thanks! Sadly I'm missing the llama morph and maybe a few others, but I have most of them. I'll see if I can pick up the llama during a sale.

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    There doesn't actually appear to be a link to the adult goat morph in the thread. Just links to required products.

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    shame Lynes Goats no longer available after her passing crying

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    Philosopher'sEgg ,use to have a great morph for the DAZ Sheep turned it into a great goat .

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    If Oso's sheep ( had horns that might work for some species, but I'd love to get something like an ibex, oryx, or Black Phillip from "The Witch" (2015)!

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