High-Def Grass

This is a definite reach, but here it goes:

Can anyone recommend some HD-as-hell grass for use in close ups? I want the grass to look *good* when doing a shot of a character laying down in the lawn, or picking something up. As it is now, the options for grass look great for non-close ups but become spikey flat bits or choppy looking when doing anything closer. The grass doesn't need to have the micro "hairs", but some viable shape and real detail would be great. Is there anything higher poly availabe for Daz? I've bought some external models from other non-Daz sites and they honestly aren't a big step up at all.

If there isn't anything, then I'd say here my vote for some model or model packs with some HD grass.


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    The cryptically-named Foreground Blends uses dForce hair for grass, and I think it looks pretty good, but I've never zoomed in especially close to it.

  • Thanks for both your replies!

    I have both the Daz options suggested here and they don't quite hit what I am looking for. Both look great from afar and for grassing up a scene but not for close-ups.

    The Erock option looks interesting, but I can't seem to get the download to work. Not sure if it is broken or not.

    Otherwise, I am just thinking of some realistic-ass grass. Detailed as hell. The plan is to use these HD models to populate close-up scenes and have the less detailed grass populate the backgrounds.

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    I guess it'll depend on how much of a close up and how high-def things you need, but I'm throwing another grass product to consider:


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    Cinnatwist said:
    The Erock option looks interesting, but I can't seem to get the download to work. Not sure if it is broken or not.

    The erock download is indeed broken. I tried to grab it a month or so ago for a Freebie challenge but couldn't get it to work in any browser I tried. I did use the site to send a message but there was no response, nor any change to the site, so I guess it's probably not maintained anymore :(

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    Check the gitika1 freebies at rendo, there's a lot of grass, herbs, flowers, trees in PNG format (with transparency). It's easy to create opacity maps with photoshop or the Gimp and apply the maps on planes for your close-up items. 

    fusion mask from transparency1.png
    728 x 877 - 167K
    fusion mask from transparency2.png
    322 x 343 - 11K
    fusion mask from transparency3.png
    844 x 833 - 190K
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    Thanks so much for the replies everyone. I had fully expected this topic to be ignored.


    Joanna: Have this one as well, and it's also a fantastic scene populator. I'm still hoping for something more, and I guess that will only ever exist as a singular blade of grass mesh.


    Sofa: I am really bummed the Erock link doesn't work, as it (at least) looks like a very viable contender. Does anyone have the files, and is it okay to ask (since they are originally available for free) to share them?


    Rosaliani: I will check out their selection tonight. Appreciate you directing me towards them and I hope they fit my rather demanding hopes.

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    Flink at Renderosity has a good number of products to create grounds with grass and plants. Maybe some of them could work for you?

    An example: https://www.renderosity.com/marketplace/products/121280/flinks-instant-meadow-3

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