Mexican/Spanish inspired style tattoos?

Been browsing around for these type/style of tattoos. At least, leaning more in the direction of this style since it doesn't have to be too focused beyond not being blatant Asian or Tribal or other more specific styles.

Any recommendations?


  • GordigGordig Posts: 9,429
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    I was going through my tattoos recently, and one of them had at least one sugarskull motif in it. I'll track it down and report back.

    Inked vol. 24 has a sugarskull-themed sleeve:

    Inked vol. 31 has a few that could pass for indigenous American designs:

    Beyond those, I'm not sure I'm familiar enough with Mexican or Spanish aesthetics to offer any further recommendations.

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  • zombietaggerungzombietaggerung Posts: 3,668
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    Diego 8 comes with Central/South American tattoos. 

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  • Thanks for the replies!

    Completely forgot Diego had some included tattoos -- those are actually close to what I was thinking, though more in the vein of what Gordig reecommended.

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