Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins. No asset specifically for DAZ exists. Seems to be an opportunity for a creator. 


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    Well, there is this little guy from 2005?

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    Technically speaking, pilot whales, orcas, belugas and narwhals are all dolphins, although they don't look much like the bottle-nose dolphins that we think of as 'typical' dolphins.

    Despite the name, Dolph Lundgren is not a dolphin.

  • OK, a poser asset and some bizarre monster are not DAZ assets. We've got gorillas in space suits but we don't have a simple dolphin? Kind of crazy. 


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    The Daz Dolphin is perfectly usable in DS:

    So we DO have a simple dolphin. The fact that you can put a gorilla in a spacesuit is irrelevant, because the gorillas have mostly been morphs of Genesis figures, and can thus wear whatever humans can. There's also no correlation between one product existing and an entirely unrelated product existing. Most Poser assets are usable in DS, and the difference between a "Poser asset" and something created specifically for DS is not that great. The dolphin even has metadata, so it shows up in Smart Content with all your other products (if you use Smart Content).

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    What, is your Porpoise?

  • Irony is lost here I see.

  • Irony tastes a bit like nails.



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