AOBB's freebie head morph Mr Cairo for G8.1M based on Peter Lorre. No materials nor textures.

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I present you the head morph named Mr Cairo based on the likeness of Peter Lorre. Joel Cairo was the name of Lorre's character in "The Maltese Falcon" where he starred opposite Humphrey Bogart. Here are the images of the head morph:


























Assets used in promo images:

dForce Monte Carlo Suit for G8M

dForce Thadeus Hair for G3,8M

Bold Brows G8M (Sparse 02)

Bold Brows II G8/1M (Brow07)

Lashes Utilities G2,3,8

Please remember that Peter Lorre was a rather small man (5'3") - something to keep in mind when shaping his body...

Non-commercial use only.

As usual, I'd love to see your renders with Mr Cairo. smiley Please keep them coming! yes

Have fun!



Mr Cairo F.png
536 x 750 - 526K
Mr Cairo TQ.png
536 x 750 - 503K
Mr Cairo P.png
536 x 750 - 522K
Mr Cairo for


  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 17,406

    Wow, good job. An instantantly recognizable character from a couple of movies I remember on those Saturday Morning TV Matinees! Thanks.

    I have been delayed in finishing my box modiling project by outdoor work that needs done, but I'm have been happy with my box modeling results so far.I don't know if it's because my past box modeling efforts have made me better or because the box modeling approach by the tutorial author in this tutorial is better then the earlier tutorials I used.

    I've done no scultping yet since the aborted attempted with zBrush Mini 2022 a couple of months back, though I have a couple of tutorials lined up, hopefully in April.

    This is the digital tablet I bought to replace the 12 year old Wacom Bamboo Create that I was 10 thumbed in trying to utilize in zBrush Mini 2022. It has a display and I bought the 15.6" diagonal model. I think I might of been better served buying a 13.3" screen model or a Microsoft Surface but as this was the best bang for the buck I bought it to see if I should invest in an MS Surface at a later date for digital sculpting.

    Anyone else looking for a 15.6" digital tablet this one was only $179.99 plus tax and otherwise it is exactly functionally the same as other brands costing $70 and more than this brand. I've tested mind and it works fine in Windows 11 laptop & desktop. I've not tested with my M1 Apple Macbook Air yet though. : Drawing Tablet with Screen, 15.6'' XOPPOX Graphics Drawing Monitor Pen Display with 1080P Full Laminated Screen,Tilt 8192 Levels Battery-Free Stylus,Adjustable Stand,Compatible for Window/Mac : Electronics


  • AOBBAOBB Posts: 672

    Hi nonesuch00,

    Peter Lorre had such a characteristic face (those eyes!) that it was easy to catch his likeness. smiley

    When it comes to any kind of modeling, sculpting included, practice makes perfect. As you wrote - box modelling is coming to you much easier now that you had prior exposure to it. The same will be true of sculpting.

    I'm still not convinced I need a tablet but congratulations on getting a new one! Please let me know if it proves really helpful. 

    Good to hear from you,


  • Sublime. I can almost hear his sleazy little voice.

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    Thank you, montrealfilmguy! Lorre had that effeminate quality to him. He would say "Take two hardboiled eggs and a bedroom voice" to describe himself. He had a really great sense of humor and was good friends with Bogart as well as all of his ex-wives. laugh

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