First Responder Uniforms for G8M/G9

We had no new cop, EMT or fire fighter outfits for male figures since Genesis 3.  Fire fighting equipment, such as a rigged hose, ladder.  Also, something with a facility to change around the cop badge number would be a huge bonus for multiple cop characters.  We're way overdue, surely.


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    Fully agree. Posted an earlier thread mentioning we just need more, well, *real clothes*. There's enough fantasy options to make the Titanic out of at this point.


    Some Paramedic, Firefighter (their station uniforms are similar to paramedics), and some upgraded police gear with more modern tactical style instead of the old creased pants style.

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    Well, there is dForce Sheriff Uniform and Props for Genesis 8 Males and Inspector Uniform for Genesis 8 Male(s) but yeah those are not really regular police outfits so could definitely use some new ones. I'd like to think that there would be a decent potential audience for some true-to-life uniform products.

    I did read in another thread than the mountie uniform has some copyright protection on it so that would be a good reason for not reproducing that one but I can't imagine that's the same for all such uniforms.

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